The best longboards for cruising in 2022/2023

Longboards for cruising is the best part of skateboarding. It’s easy, it’s enjoyable, and everyone can do it, from the seasoned skater to the beginner.

This article will show you how to get the best longboards for cruising. I will be discussing how deck, trucks, and wheels affect riding experience and which components to look out for.

You can also choose from some fantastic cruiserboards if you wish.

Review of the best longboards for cruising

All longboards listed below are suitable for beginners. They are easy to ride for beginners.

They are divided into price categories. Although price is not an exact indicator of quality, because I hand-picked them, I can guarantee that you will get the best.

Looking for the best North American Longboard brands? Check out .

Sola bamboo 38 inch – Cheap and easy to ride

I love the Sola Bamboo 38inch longboard. Although it doesn’t have great components, the deck is decent and the design is quite nice.

Drop-mounted decks have a lower platform than the trucks. (See image below). This makes the ride more accessible to the ground, making it easier to push, easier to control and easier to footbrake. Although it’s not much, it can make a big difference when you push for 3+ miles. This is what I love about this deck.

The deck measures 38inches long and 9.75inches wide.

You get what you pay. Sola Bamboo decks are quite affordable and not the strongest. Some decks have been reported to have broken. This longboard is not recommended for anyone who is more than 200lbs.

It’s the same story with the components. Although the wheels are good, the trucks are Chinese knockoffs. They will turn well, but not as smooth as better quality ones.

The Sola Bamboo is a good option if you have a limited budget. Although I recommend spending a little more to get something like the Magneto or Landyachtz, this is a great option if you are on a tight budget. You can find the Sola on

This one is not for you – Retrospec ZED Bamboo

This deck is not recommended for longboards for cruising. This deck won’t provide you with the best riding experience.

This deck is not as good as you might have read online (other reviews, testimonies etc.). It is a low quality deck with poor quality components, just like the Sola.

This deck, despite its cheap price, is a bit large. It measures 44 inches long and 9.5inches wide. This model has a nose and a kicktail, which increases its size.

The problem is that you can’t use the tail or nose so it’s wasted space. It is also large and slow to turn, making it feel slow and sluggish. It is heavier than any thing other.

As an experienced rider, I think that this is the best way to go. This board is great for beginners. Although I would recommend that you do not get it, the final decision is yours. You can find it here at

Magneto cruiserboard – the best budget option

The Magneto is a great choice if you have a limited budget. Although the components aren’t very impressive, the deck is excellent.

The magneto cruiser’s deck is vertically laminated. It is lighter than boards that are horizontally laminated. The deck is flexible and strong because it requires fewer plys. It is as strong as decks made from high-quality completes.

It is also drop-through so the flexible deck combination makes it a lot of fun and playful. The components are where it all falls apart.

These trucks are cheap Chinese knockoffs of Paris trucks. They won’t feel as smooth or bend after a while. They are not as fast as better-quality wheels, but they will still be ok.

The Magneto is my favorite budget option. Although the components are a bit clunky, you can always upgrade them. It is a stunning deck. It’s amazing.

This one is a no-no! Atom Drop Through

This is a classic example where a longboard that’s cheap goes for a high price. It isn’t as good as the boards that cost less than $100. This is not a great deal.

This deck’s only positive is its solidity. It is 9ply maple. It is recommended for riders over 230lbs.

The story is the exact same: it has cheap components that don’t provide a pleasant ride. It comes with cheap trucks and cheap tires. It isn’t very smooth, and the trucks don’t turn in a controlled manner. It didn’t inspire confidence when I rode it. I had to tighten them but that wasn’t an effective solution. It’s not worth the effort.

You’d prefer the Magneto for the price and call it quits. You can check it out on

Landyachtz Drop cat is the easiest to ride and offers the best value for money

This board is a great choice if you are looking for an easy ride and a way to transport your bike. There are two sizes available. The first measures 33inches long and 9.6inches wide. The second one is 38inches long and 9.9inches wide.

Both boards are of high quality. The 38-inch option is better for larger riders. The smaller 33inches option is more comfortable and easier for smaller riders.

The Drop cat is small but it has high-quality components. It features Bear Grizzly trucks and 72mm tall Hawgs tires. It has drop-through mounting, and the deck has rockered platform with flex. It also has drop-through mounting and a rocker platform.

Rockered platform and drop-through lower the center of gravity, and bring the platform of the board closer to the ground. It is stable, pushable, and easy to ride. It responds to the rider’s input and changes direction quickly. You can also coast on the wheels without pushing too hard.

These features make Drop Cat one my favorite cruisers.

This is one the most popular cruising boards available. This board is responsive and stable. It’s hard to find this combination. You can get the 38in version (better for larger riders and a bit more stable), by visiting on You can also find at the Stoked Ride Shop.

Both versions of the Drop Cat can be purchased here at  Landyachtz website. Use the code – “AbugaSkate&Explore15″ for 10% off.

The 33in version is available at Stoked Ride Shop. It’s ideal for people with smaller feet and riders who are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-ride board.

Arbor Collective Zeppelin Bamboo is great for children

The Arbor Zeppelin board is high-quality and very affordable. Seriously! The price is only $170, which is quite affordable for the quality.

The Zeppelin’s flexible deck is made from 7plys Maple and a bottom ply Carbonized Bamboo. The wood comes from sustainable sources, just like Arbor boards. The Zeppelin comes with high-quality components such as Paris trucks and large 65mm wheels.

The Zeppelin measures 32inches long and 8.75inches wide. This makes it an ideal choice for children and those with smaller feet.

Drop-throughs can feel large and slow for those who are smaller. This board is able to offer the “drop-through” riding experience on a board that is appropriately sized.

Learn more about the Arbor Zeppelin on

Super fun – The Landyachtz Rifper/Super review

This is a throwback to the pintail era longboards. The Ripper/Super Chief is in this unmistakable shape which is quite refreshing amongst all the modern designs.

This deck is fantastic and rides like a mix between the Drop Cat or the Landyachtz Dinghy. You get the playfulness and quickness of the Dinghy but the comfort of Drop Cat.

Read my in-depth review on the Ripper

The Ripper measures in at 36.9in long with a width 9inches and has a 24.9in wheelbase. It includes 130mm Polar Bear trucks, 63mm tall, and 78a Fatty Hawgs. High-quality components.

This deck has a major drawback: the small wheels. The small wheels won’t allow you to coast for as long so this deck is not recommended for those who plan on skating long distances (e.g., 10+ minutes or 3+miles).

If you are looking for the fun of a mini-cruiser with the comforts of a larger cruiser, this board is the one for you. This board is great if you just want to have fun and not use it to move around. The Landyachtz Ripper is available at the Stoked Ride Shop.

The Landyachtz website also sells the Ripper. Use the code – “AbugaSkate&Explore15″ for 10% off.

You can also check out the Landyachtz Super Chief on The main difference is the shape and graphic.

Worth it – The Comet Cruiser Review

The Comet Cruiser, in the world of longboarding is the perfect car. It is finely tuned and meticulously maintained. This isn’t your average cruiser.

Pro longboarders consider the Comet Cruiser to be their most loved cruiser. It is not common for many people to agree on a particular aspect of their gear. This board does a lot of things well…

The Comet Cruiser measures 34 inches long and 7.87 inches wide. It features a 20.25 inch wheelbase and kicktail. To prevent the kicktail from getting worn, it comes with a UHMW Tail Guard. The wheels and trucks are made from wedged and dewedged Paris 108mm trucks and Powell Peralta snakes. It also has Zealous bearings, and after-market Venom SHR bushings within the trucks.

These components together allow the board to turn quickly and feel nimble. SHR bushings give trucks a “juicy” feel, pushing you into and out of turns. Flexible decks allow for a smooth ride and absorb road vibrations. They also lower you to the ground, making it easy to push and brake.

The stable ride is possible thanks to the dewdged and wedged trucks. All turning should be done from the front truck, which is something the Drop cat also has. This also prevents wheel bite. This board allows you to go deep without worrying about the wheels catching. The Powell Peralta Snakes make power sliding (sliding) super simple

The Cruiser is available at a retail price of $250. The quality of the Cruiser is excellent, so it’s not too expensive. Comparatively, many Loaded cruisers are about the same price and don’t include aftermarket parts. The Comet is an excellent deal for the money.

A Comet cruiser can be purchased here longboards for cruising.

The Loaded Poke review: Kind of overpriced

This board is a top-quality choice. It features premium components from the bottom.

The Loaded Poke measures 34 inches in length and 9.1inches wide. This is within my recommended ranges of comfort and control. It has 150mm Paris trucks as well as large 70mm, 80a Orangatang Stimulus tires.

This board is my favorite out of all the ones I have on my list. It is however quite costly. You can check the Loaded Pokes price on

It is still worth it if you have the means to pay. However, it does not exclude a lot of worthy skaters. There is no other choice than to save.

High-quality/Overpriced drop-through – Loaded Tan Tien

The Tan Tien longboard is one of the oldest brands. It is a bit pricey at $300+, but the right price for the right rider.

The Tan Tien’s deck is what makes it unique. The deck is vertically laminated and features a kicktail. Most decks are made of horizontally laminated. Vertically laminated decks are thinner, stronger and lighter. To achieve the deck’s strength, you can use less material.

It comes in three different flexes so you can choose the one that suits your weight. You can choose from a range of weights, including riders weighing between 36kg/80lbs and 122+kg/270lbs+.

The Tan Tien, although it has a lot of components, is quite basic. It features Paris trucks and Fireball Tinder wheel.

The Tan Tien is a great all-around deck. It has kicktails so you can do freestyle tricks. The deck’s light weight also makes it ideal for this purpose. It can also be used to learn how to slide.

But is it worth the cost? Yes, if you are a heavier rider looking for a high-quality, flexible, drop-through. You might not need it.

You can find the Loaded Tan Tien on Stoked

You can also shop from these other brands:

  • Ehlers produces excellent longboards for a budget price.
  • Pantheon longboards make great commuter and cruiser longboards.
  • Rayne longboards.
  • DB longboards
  • Bustin boards.

How to choose the right longboard for cruising

This section focuses on the components that make a cruiserboard feel great. This section is essential to understand the effects of different components on the overall skateboard ride.

It is a good idea to look for a cruiser that feels good to ride, turns well, and rolls smoothly. A few features can often dictate these attributes. Find out more.

What is cruising?

Cruising is a form of skating that doesn’t require you to have a destination. You are there to enjoy the feeling of skating and your board. You are there to enjoy the feeling of skating.

While you can cruise on any type of board, it is best to choose boards that are as natural and comfortable as possible.

Which type of board is best for cruising?

No mini-cruisers

You can cruise on any type of board, as I mentioned earlier. However, I think mini cruisers wouldn’t be suited for this.

Mini-cruisers can get tiring after a few minutes of riding. You have to push them hard to maintain their speed. You have to work hard to keep their speed up. They are also extremely responsive to your input.

These boards are not designed for the relaxed, stress-free experience that you desire from a board for cruising.

There is no downhill, no dance, and no trick boards

Skating with boards that are designed for a particular purpose is not always the most enjoyable.

Freestyle and Dance boards are often too long and have small wheels that are not suitable for urban environments.

Downhills can be quite stiff. They are sensitive to road vibrations and don’t turn well at slower speeds.

Trick boards have small wheels and platforms that can be stopped with pebbles.

What should you look for in a cruiser

It should be comfortable to stand on

It shouldn’t take too much time

A board with a long wheelbase will be too heavy. Boards with large wheelbases are stabler, but they can be slow to turn and feel slow to ride.

A long deck’s main purpose is to get the most stability possible. You don’t have to worry about stability if your skate speed is below 30 mph.

A shorter deck is more comfortable and can be used for carving and cruising. A deck should be between 32inches and 40inches in length. This will allow you to stand comfortably shoulder-width apart.

It should glide smoothly across most terrain

Comfortable riding will be possible with a wheel that is able to roll over all terrain. It can roll over cracks, pebbles and other road imperfections. This will make it much more comfortable to skate on rumbly asphalt.

What are the key factors to ensure your wheel rolls smoothly?

Diameter of the wheel

Wheel diameter is the most important aspect. The most important aspect is the wheel diameter.

Pebbles are too small for most skateboard wheels to roll over. Pebbles can block the wheels’ movements and are usually between 50-60mm high. Pebbles and small rocks can be blasted out by larger 65mm+ wheels.

It is best to aim for wheels that measure 70mm in height.

It offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

The deck determines the comfortability and smoothness of the ride, along with the wheels.

These features will determine how your skateboard feels.

Low-standing platform

A board with a low platform is one that is stable, pushable and easy to ride.

To get a lower-standing platform, you can choose from a board with a drop, drop mount, drop through, rocker or drop-through.


Comfortable to ride on a deck with a little flexibility is a good thing. Flexibility absorbs a lot of road vibrations and smoothens the ride.

The deck flexes when you bump into a bump or crack. This allows the wheel to move up, while you and the place you are standing on the deck stay in the same space. The suspension in a car works the same way. It allows the wheel to go up and down, but the car stays in the same place in space.

It isn’t perfect if you want precise control. You will be able to avoid wobbles by going faster (+25mph).

Concave very light

Concave refers to a deck with a cup-like shape.

Concave is uncomfortable to skate with, especially if you push around or stay on top of your deck for a long time.

This causes your feet to rest in an uncomfortably uncomfortable position for too long. If you have large feet, this problem is magnified.

Most cruiser boards have a minimal amount of concave. Some downhill longboards have quite a bit of concave, which is why they aren’t great for cruising.

Good turn

Trucks are usually used to turn a skateboard. Trucks of high quality have smoother turns that are easier to control. Low-quality trucks are difficult to control and can dive in any direction.

Avoid cheap trucks

Trucks are sometimes made cheaply by using an inexact casting process. The components don’t fit together perfectly, which causes their turns to not feel smooth and consistent.

Poor-quality pivots and bushings are also common in cheaper trucks. They don’t have rebound, so they won’t support you well when the truck is engaged. They can make the truck feel loose.

The impreciseness and speed of cheap trucks are also the reason why many people start to wobble when they go faster.

High-quality trucks

It is a good idea to look for a skateboard with trucks from brands such as Paris trucks, Caliber truck co. Bear trucks and Atlas trucks, Bear trucks, Bear trucks, Bear trucks, Atlas trucks and Ronin trucks.

These brands make trucks that work well and feel great.

These high-quality pivots and bushings allow for smooth, controlled turns.

Read my Paris truck line-up review here

Decent bushings and pivot

Good pivots and bushings are a hallmark of high-quality trucks such as the Paris V3 trucks. These are the suspension of your truck. Your truck will turn more smoothly and consistently with better quality pivots and bushings. It will feel more precise and controllable.

What are cruisers good for?

They are not the most portable.

They are heavy and difficult to transport. They can’t be carried around and are difficult to transport. They can get in the way. If you don’t want something portable, don’t buy one.

Not super nimble

They are also not agile. They are slow to respond to you. They can be difficult to maneuver between objects. They are more stable and easier to ride because of their slow speed. However, you do lose some maneuverability.

Not great for speed

They are not recommended for speed skating or downhill. A proper downhill setup is necessary if you intend to go over 25 mph. Cruiser boards can be too flexible for speed skating and not maneuverable enough. These features can cause wobbles if you are speed skating.

Which board do you think is the best?

Let’s wrap it up. I would choose the Landyachtz Drop cat to be the best in the line-up. It’s a great choice, considering its components and price. It rides well, looks fantastic, and makes you smile every time you ride it. You could not ask for more.

The Comet Cruiser is also a great choice if you have the funds.

I hope you found this useful. Cruising is one of the most enjoyable parts of skating. If you choose the right board, it will motivate you to go out again and again.


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