Wired Vs Wireless Mechanical Keyboards, Best Guide in 2023

Wired Vs Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

There are many styles of mechanical keyboards in the marketplace today, however, that’s the high-quality? One most important components to keep in mind when deciding on a keyboard is whether or not or now not you want a stressed-out or wi-fi model. Wired mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive than their wireless opposite numbers, however, … Read more

Setting up a Spectrum WiFi profile: Step-by-step-Best Guide in 2023

Spectrum WiFi profile

“Spectrum WiFi profile” Recently I had the opportunity to test a new wireless router from Netgear. I had already been using their older model for a while, but I was eager to try out their new one. I loved the idea of having a router with dual bands and a lot of features. However, I … Read more

How to Build a Great Gaming Setup, Best Guide in 2023

Build a Great Gaming Setup

There are several things to consider when you build a great gaming setup. These items include a gaming console, a monitor, a keyboard, and wireless controllers. Make sure that you choose the right size for the space you have available. It’s important to keep in mind that extras are okay, but they should serve a … Read more