10 Mysterious Places Around the World

“Mysterious Places Around the World” Mother Earth is a place full of natural and man-made wonders that never ceases to amaze. However, our planet also has its fair share of mysteries. If you’re intrigued by locations with mythical origins or unexplained phenomena.  You’ll be fascinated by these mysterious places around the world. There are numerous things that we understand today thanks to science and history. But there are still so many others that remain unexplained.

These locations are keeping the greatest scientists and historians guessing for more. There’s nothing like a good mystery, especially when it’s been unsolved for a long period of time. These locations are full of tales about spaceships, ghosts, disappearances, apparently impossible archaeological discoveries, and more. Researchers have strived to break down their mysteries but can’t seem to agree on the explanations.

 The Bermuda Triangle

 The Bermuda Triangle, in the Atlantic Ocean, is a region where, For centuries, stories have arisen of missing sailors and vanished ships, crashed airplanes, and even disappearing humans. The large region of more than half a million square miles is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. And there are many theories as to why so many people have met with misfortune there.

Few say there are magnetic aberrations that throw compasses off course; others say that tropical hurricanes are to blame. Some assert that there is just no mystery at all! Today, traveling the region can be much more fascinating than you might think. The sun-drenched islands of Turks and Caicos beckoning in the south and the coves of Bermuda in the north.

The Banff Springs Hotel in Canada has a reputation for being haunted.

Locals tell stories of a family that was massacred in room 873, and of doormen who have disappeared into thin air. If you’re not afraid of ghosts, you’ll love the hotel. Which is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and has access to the Jasper and Banff ski areas.

Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest is a small forest located in Poland. The forest has 400 pine trees that are all bent at a 90-degree angle. The cause of the bent trees is unknown but there are many theories. Some theories say that the trees were bent due to a snowstorm or the way that the lumberjacks cut the trees, “Mysterious Places Around the World”.

Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa is a lake bed in Death Valley, California that has been dried up. However, rocks that weigh up to 700 pounds have been seen moving across the desert floor, as if they are being dragged by an invisible hand. It is unknown when or if these rocks will change positions. Some of these rocks have been known to move for a few seconds, while others have moved for up to 16 minutes. In 2013, scientists witnessed this phenomenon and speculated that it may have been caused by a pane of shallow water freezing at night and a light wind dragging the rocks as the ice starts to melt.

Richat Structure

The Richat Structure is a mysterious circular pair of concentric rings in the Sahara Desert. Some believe it was an asteroid consequence of centuries gone by. And also, there are a few who believe it was the composition of extra-terrestrials, who passed this way and denoted a landing spot for future visits to the planet.

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh fort is also the most visited haunted place in India. The story goes that a wizard tried to entrap a young princess by giving her a love potion, but it backfired and he ended up dead. He put a curse on the entire city before he died, and today no one is allowed to enter after dusk. There have been reports of people dying as a result of the curse.

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Falls is a natural wonder in the United States. The falls and the fire behind them are generated by the natural gas seeping from the subterrane.

Kuldhara, India

This village has various controversial beliefs connected to it. The village has been abandoned since the 1800s and is reckoned to be cursed. According to regional mythology, the village was once resided by prosperous people, the Paliwal Brahmins.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn

The Skirrid Mountain Inn, situated between the mountainside and the stone towns on the east side of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, has a long and storied history with the Gaelic nation. It was the meeting point for revolutionary soldiers under the banner of Owain Glyndwr during the resistance against Henry IV, and others say that it was once a courthouse where prisoners were not only convicted of death but also hung, all under the power of the renowned Hanging Judge, George Jeffreys. There’s even a swinging rope still hanging from the ceiling inside, and plenty of ghost stories to hear over your cawl.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a centuries-old castle located in London, England. It has a reputation for being a place of dark and shady deeds, such as the beheadings of kings and the detention of state rivals. Tales of hauntings and mysterious occurrences started with the sighting of Thomas Becket, who is said to have prevented the expansion of the palace from the grave. However, it is the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn that causes the most commotion. Her headless body is seen lurking near the place where she was murdered on orders of Henry VII in the 1530s.

Jatinga village “Mysterious Places Around the World”

Assam, India is the site of mass bird suicides.

Every year, during the monsoon season, birds descend on the village in the evening and kill themselves. Scientists have not been able to explain this phenomenon.

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